A Channel Islands Liquor Company Update: Our Jersey Distillery

We’re excited to share the news that The Channel Islands Liquor Company's Jersey distillery is nearing completion on St Helier's South Pier, and we hope to start production there by the end of September.  We're renovating an 18th century sail loft at the French Harbour adjacent to St Helier Yacht Club; the space has lots of character that really captures the essence of traditional Channel Islands boating and we’re excited to be giving it a new lease of life.  Currently, we’re awaiting the arrival of our custom built, 12 ft German-made still - and then the fun begins!

“We’re really pleased with the location and are looking to retain the character of the building in one of the oldest parts of St Helier.  Our first priority will be to establish the distillery side, but the hope is that from next year we will attract visitors.” 

- Mark Taft speaking to the Jersey Evening Post.

Distillation of Wheadon’s Gin will remain here in Guernsey at our home distillery at the Bella Luce Hotel, which is also where Mr W will continue to explore new infusions and develop new products.  Production of Pink Granite Gin, created for Jersey’s Dunell’s Premier Wines, will move to the Jersey distillery where Mr W’s next creations, Forager Gin and Indica Rum will also be produced.  Indica will be a blended of imported Caribbean rums with a locally distilled herbaceous spirit headlined by the plant that the rum is named after.  We can tell you now, the bottle is a work of art too!

Written by:

Mat Hailer