Introducing The Channel Islands Liquor Company

We’re very excited to announce that Wheadon’s Gin founder Luke Wheadon and Jersey restauranteur Mark Taft (of the wonderful La Bastille Bar and Brasserie) have joined forces to launch The Channel Islands Liquor Company.  Wheadon’s Gin will be the new company’s first and flagship brand, with new products (more gin! And, maybe a rum!) in the pipeline and a new distillery planned for St Helier. 

“We are really proud to have brought a gin to market in Guernsey which in three years has become the market leader. We are excited to expand the business across the Channel Islands, building upon this success with a new distillery and new products for 2019.” - Luke Wheadon

Wheadon’s Gin is already available in Jersey (Mark was in fact one of the first to stock us at La Bastille) but with his invaluable background in the Jersey liquor and hospitality industries and distribution routes, we’re excited to build on that and become a firm favourite across all of the Channel Islands, and beyond. 

“I’m incredibly excited by this venture with Luke as we are looking to achieve a few firsts, not just in Jersey, but also worldwide. We really hope that islanders will get behind the company and choose to drink a local brand over others – especially when it tastes so good!” - Mark Taft

What does this mean then, for Wheadon’s Gin?  For fans, old friends and regular drinkers, it simply means that your favourite gin will be more readily available across both bailiwicks.  Mr W will still be distilling Wheadon’s Gin at our small batch distillery at the Bella Luce Hotel in St Martins, Guernsey, but with a larger local market we’ll be able to produce more and our gins will be available behind more bars and in more shops.  That, and we’ll also be working on new brands and product lines to sit alongside Wheadon’s Gin in the Channel Islands Liquor Family that will have the same focus on flavour and provenance.  Drinks that Channel Islanders can be the first to enjoy, and that they can celebrate and be proud of.

Written by:

Mat Hailer