Heritage and a Handcrafted Approach

There is a great deal of Guernsey in Wheadon’s Gin. The Wheadon family have been involved in the production and distribution of fine alcohol on Guernsey for over a hundred years and it is this heritage, combined with our island’s maritime environment, that is the inspiration behind Wheadon’s Gin.

Produced in traditional copper stills in the atmospheric cellar lounge of the Bella Luce Hotel in St Martins, proprietor Luke Wheadon uses rock samphire foraged from the nearby cliffs and other carefully sourced botanicals to create perfectly balanced artisanal gins in very small batches.

Flavour is King, and Provenance is Key

Great gin is all about flavour; balancing selected botanicals to produce a spirit perfect for sipping on its own or pairing with tonic, or as the basis for your favourite gin-based cocktail. By distilling in very small quantities we are able to finely tune the flavour profile of each batch to ensure consistency and quality, crafting exquisite gins for the connoisseur.

We use only the finest botanicals in the production of Wheadon’s Gin, foraging for rock samphire on the rugged cliffs of Guernsey’s south coast to impart a delicate, slightly mineral, flavour of the sea air to our signature gin. Other, more exotic, botanicals are sourced from a small network of local and international growers and producers who place quality on the pedestal it deserves.

The Perfect Gin; Your Perfect Gin

Wheadon’s distill a number of different, seasonal, gins, each crafted to compliment the flavours that it will sit with in a G&T, martini, negroni or other classic drink. We believe that we owe it to the expressive and unique flavours made possible by hand-crafting in small batches, to produce gins that pair perfectly.

We also offer the opportunity for you to join us at the Bella Luce on Guernsey for an education in gin, learning about its fascinating history and the influence of different botanicals in an experience that culminates in you designing your very own batch of personalised gin based upon your flavour preferences: your perfect gin.