Join Us, for a Journey Through Gin

Join us at our small batch distillery in the atmospheric cellar lounge of Guernsey’s Bella Luce, The Gin Hotel, to experience a journey through gin. We offer a range of distillery experiences, from regular twice-weekly introductory sessions through to the more involved tasting, distilling and dining options.

Gin is a spirit with both a fascinating history and an enormously wide appeal, thanks to the large variety of styles and flavour profiles that are possible. Our gin experiences begin by guiding you through these different styles so that together we can discover why you love your favourite gins.

A "Gintroduction"

The Gintroduction

Regular twice-weekly (non-exclusive) half hour experiences offering an introduction to the history of gin and to the Bella small batch distillery, accompanied by a Wheadon’s & tonic and a tasting of a variety of London Dry style gins.

6pm every Wednesday and Friday.

£25 per person. Booking essential.

Gin and Dine

Prolong the pleasure for your taste buds and make a night of it, by following a Wednesday or Friday half hour Gintroduction experience in the Bella small batch distillery with a three-course dinner in our award-winning restaurant. 

From 6pm every Wednesday and Friday.

£50 per person (including gin tasting and 3-course set menu dinner). Booking essential.

Delving Deeper into Distillation

Breaking Down the Botanicals

Spend an hour with us, starting with a Wheadon's & tonic and going on to taste a variety of different gins and developing an understanding of the role of different botanicals.  This experience has a focus on small batch distilling and how we approach flavour at the Bella small batch distillery. 

£35 per person (minimum 4 people). Booking essential.

Design Your Own Distillation

An immersive two hour experience exploring everything from original Dutch genever through to the latest craft gins and gin cocktails and discussing flavour and the roles of botanicals. Your group will then design an infusion that we will distill whilst you dine, so you take away a miniature bottle of bespoke gin. 

£50 per person (minimum 6 people), excluding dinner. Booking essential.