From gin stories to cocktail recipes and new limited edition infusions from Wheadon’s small batch distillery, our gin journal will keep you updated and entertained.

Saving Juniper

Whilst the popularity of gin has exploded in recent years, the plant that produces the berries that give gin both its flavour and its name, juniper, has been declining on British soils for decades. Until now...

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Wheadon's Gin's New GFC Blend

The new Wheadon's Gin GFC blend is here, just in time for Christmas!

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A Channel Islands Liquor Company Update: Our Jersey Distillery

We’re excited to share the news that The Channel Islands Liquor Company's Jersey distillery is nearing completion on St Helier's South Pier, and we hope to start production there by the end of September.

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The Best Glass For a Gin and Tonic: The Copa de Balón

Does it matter which glass you serve a G&T in? We think so. Find out how and why it can make all the difference to your gin and tonic, and why the copa de balón style is as much function as it is fashion when creating the perfect serve.

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Introducing The Channel Islands Liquor Company

We’re very excited to announce that Wheadon’s Gin founder Luke Wheadon and Jersey restauranteur Mark Taft (of the wonderful La Bastille Bar and Brasserie) have joined forces to launch The Channel Islands Liquor Company.

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Gin For Good: Fever Tree’s Role in the Fight to End Malaria For Good

Tonic brand Fever Tree will be raising £1 million over the next three years for charity Malaria No More (UK) to help in the global fight against the world’s oldest and deadliest disease. We’ll drink to that.

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